Sydney Access

One Placement – Many Opportunities


Here you will find all the information you need to be part of Sydney Access, our high quality, unique work placement program. Whether you are an employer, teacher or student, we know you are looking for one placement with many opportunities and we aim to provide that for all partners involved.

What is Sydney Access?


Sydney Access is a coordinated program offering high quality placements for students enrolled in one or more school or TAFE delivered HSC industry curriculum framework courses.

Through Sydney Access, students will gain direct experience in the workplace, to learn about the changing nature of work; attitudes and skills employers are looking for; available opportunities and what further education and training is needed. We look forward to working in partnership with you.

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“Sydney Access work placement has allowed me to experience my industry first-hand and has greatly assisted me in selecting my career path” 

Arthur Uzulin

IDT Student , Glenwood High school

“Through Sydney Access I learnt about the Hospitality industry – trends, attitudes and skills employers are looking for, opportunities available and what further training and education may be needed to enter the Hospitality field. I had the opportunity to work alongside head chefs and executive chefs, learning many new skills and gaining a once in a lifetime experience. My work placement at Star City, with the help of Sydney Access is one I will never forget. It not only helped me understand the Hospitality industry better, but allowed me to see and appreciate all the hard work that goes in to running such a successful organisation”

Stephanie Zwaine

My workplacement at The Star, Sydney enabled me to further develop my knowledge on the industry. Working in a fast paced environment whilst still providing quality dishes was a tough and stressful challenge but was well worth it. I am so glad I was able to be cook and observe techniques and skills from some of the top qualified and experienced chefs in Sydney. I appreciate and thank everyone who made my experience as wonderful as it was, and I would 100% recommend this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Lucy Elgood

“My favourite part of my work placement was working in the pastry kitchen, where I decorated cakes, made a variety of baked goods, croissants, bread and butter pudding and gained an understanding of food properties as well as individual ingredients and ordering of supplies. Examples of different foods I prepared include pizza, club sandwiches, sushi and fruit displays. I had a great time at The Star, Sydney and this experience enhanced my practical skills and enhanced my overall understanding of the Hospitality industry”

Shruti Kamma