Is Sydney Access for me?

To participate in Sydney Access, you must be enrolled in a Higher School Certificate (HSC) VET Course.

Are you in Year 11 or 12 and keen to work in the same industry as your chosen VET subject?” Are you a high achiever and keen to build on the skills you have learnt in the classroom?

There are great industry placements across a variety of VET courses. If you study one of these VET courses, these placements are open for you to apply now by completing the form below.

Whether you attend a Government, Catholic or Independent school – all students who meet the criteria are welcome to apply, with the support of your course teacher.

What’s in it for me?

You will have opportunities to

  • Obtain a placement with a high quality and leading industry organisation
  • Apply your learning from your course in an operational setting
  • Demonstrate employability and specialist skills
  • Receive mentoring during the week.

You will be expected to have completed a work readiness certificate via, this must be completed prior to being approved for a Sydney Access Work Placement