Sydney Access


Winning partnerships

Ensyst, Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year 2010 finalists, know all about building successful partnerships. A leading Information Technology and Telecommunications (IT&T) solutions provider, Ensyst helps organisations, small and large, to leverage IT&T to achieve their business goals. It is a growing company, with four offices Australia wide. Fifty-five employees are based in Sydney, including a Service Team of around twenty-five people. Working with Sydney Access to provide a great placement opportunity for Tim Davidson, a student at Bradfield College, turns out to be another winning partnership. Tim gets an opportunity to work with the highly skilled Ensyst team as part of his Cert lll vocational course in IT.

On our toes

‘Tim has been really good for us,’ says Syd Julian, Service Centre Team Leader. ‘His questions make the staff think about what they are doing and why.’ Yaz Mohib, Syd’s manager, thinks that Sydney Access is a great initiative that brings young talent into the IT and Telecommunications arena. ‘It is hard to find the best people,’ he says, ‘and by partnering with Sydney Access, we can see what young people are learning on their courses and the talent that is out there.’ ‘We mentor students too’ says Syd, ‘and if they are interested in a certain area of the business, we can provide a bit more input during the week.’

Level headed

Tim has certainly been exposed to the many different levels of operation at Ensyst. ‘I went out with a senior engineer today,’ he says, ‘to help problem solve for a client.’ This is one of the many aspects of the business Tim is involved in. From 1st level to 4th level, Ensyst has a range of engineers, senior engineers, architects and business development specialists. Tim sits with service desk team members where issues are progressed through levels too. ‘When they can’t be solved on the first call’ says Yaz Mohib, ‘they are escalated’. Tim adds, ‘I even had the opportunity to say how I would solve the problem on some of the calls.’ Tim is now aware of the various levels involved in meeting a client’s needs and he’s picked up something else too. ‘Not to judge someone on their level of understanding about IT!’

Where to now?

Tim’s course at Bradfield College prepared him well. ‘I have been using what I’ve been taught in the modules’, says Tim, ‘with hands on technical work, problem-solving and visiting clients. It’s been brilliant.’ With a future interest in computer game development, Tim has found working with Ensyst has opened up his mind to possibilities and pathways. ‘I’ve learned first hand about what engineers and developers do, and what courses I would need to consider doing at Uni.’ He says. Sydney Access partner Ensyst, has certainly helped Tim on his way.